Yet, in order to sustain his creed,contemporary man pays the price in a remarkable lack of introspection. He is blind to the fact that, with all his rationality and efficiency, he is possessed by “powers” that are beyond his control. His goods and demons have not disappeared at all; they have merely got new names. They keep him on the run with restlesness, vague apprehensions, psychological complications, an insatiable need for pills, alcohol, tobacco, food- and, above all, a large array of neuroses.”

Man and His Symbols, Carl Gustav Jung

Mergand eu pe strada intr-o seara, am vazut scaunul asta in dreptul unui stalp. Sigur, m-am gandit ca daca ma asez nitel, o sa-mi vina niste ganduri prin cap. Dar ma grabeam, asa ca gandurile au ramas in urma, asteptand sa li se faca loc si sa fie intelese.

Mi-am promis ca voi fi atent la acele ganduri care vor veni in primul moment de liniste.

Prima “victima” a experientei care n-a mai apucat sa vorbeasca atunci seara a fost un grup de colegi cu care am povestit despre Jung si ale sale taramuri.

Le-am povestit despre regretul meu ca nu am apucat sa privesc pe fereastra care se deschisese atunci in fata acelui scaun din strada. Asa ca le-am aratat poza si i-am invitat sa vada ei insisi o continuare a povestii.

Stai si tu un pic… 😉

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