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Zeul mort

Nu e nimic si totusi e O sete care-l soarbe, E un adânc asemene Uitarii celei oarbe. Mihai Eminescu... Read More →

Drum crucial

Pe scara sufletului meu M-am intalnit cu bunul Dumnezeu – Eu coboram mahnit din constiinta mea, Iar El urca... Read More →

Intre drumuri

Quantum mechanics is not about how the world is without us; instead it’s precisely about us in the world.... Read More →


Man is the measure of all things, of the things that are how they are, and of the things... Read More →

Homo poiesis

The task of the craftsman is not to generate the meaning, but rather to cultivate in himself the skill... Read More →


Astazi, la plecarea din cabinetul meu a unui client cu care am lucrat in ultimii doi ani mi-am adus... Read More →